Friday, August 29, 2008

Lunch date

So my little household fixup projects seem to just keep on going... tile this, paint that, install new light fixtures, have electrical problems, need new carpet in the next room, on and on and on. Because of all these do-it-myself endeavors, I have been making a lot of trips to Home Depot. I'm getting to know the employees there on a first name basis -- Robert in tiling is THE BEST! So, the other day I was in the middle of one of my undertakings and I needed some more of whatever, so I ran down to Home Depot. While I was there I realized it was lunch time and I was hungry. Do you have a hot dog/brat vendor outside your Home Depot? We do here and I have to admit I really like getting a brat there. Paul likes them too. Since Paul's office is between Home Depot and our home, I decided I'd call Paul and see if he would like me to bring him a brat for his lunch. So while I was waiting for my brat to be grilled, I gave Paul a call on his cell phone:

Paul: Hello
Me: Hi, where are you?
Paul: I'm just sitting in the parking lot at Home Depot eating a brat!
Me: NO WAY!! I'm here at Home Depot getting a brat myself and I was calling to see if you wanted me to get one for you.
Paul: Come over to where I'm parked and we can have lunch together!

Who says we aren't spontaneous!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Beaded bliss

I just love a unique, shiny, dangly necklace. Here are two that I got in China. Heidi has a favorite beading shop called Katherine Jewelry that is located on the 5th floor of the Silk Market (in case any of you are going to Beijing any time soon). I couldn't decide which color I liked the best so "when in doubt, just get both". She actually had this style in probably a dozen different colors. She had rows and rows of sparkling, beautiful beaded necklaces, bracelets, key chains, cell phone danglys, earrings. Just in case you didn't see what you wanted...

she also made custom requests. I had her make the two black necklaces so they hung just perfectly on my neck. I can wear them separately or together. The tan/beige necklace is some kind of natural stone. I seem to have a lot of browns in my wardrobe and I have gotten a lot of use from this one. The one feature I really LOVE the most about these black and tan necklaces are the magnet clasps! If and when I get back to China, I'm going to take all of my jewelry that I can never put on myself and have her put these fabulous magnet clasps on everything. It makes life so much more simple and doable!

The cute silver and gray beaded necklace and bracelet are my gift from Katie for tending Aspen while she was in China last week. It is just the perfect fit and length and it is very versatile. It works for dressy or casual outfits. Love them!
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She's got skills

You might mistakedly assume that Aspen is helping out with watering my flower pots but not so. In fact, she is preping for her newest artistic project that she has taken on with both feet (and hands).


Sidewalk water calligraphy!

Somehow she seems to know this is an ancient Chinese way of practicing calligraphy. We saw several people painting their characters on the sidewalk with water at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing last May. She is so clever (and easily entertained). So much fun for a good 45 minutes. No paint, no chalk, no mess... I think this is the perfect summer evening activity especially since the flower pots were completely soaked but her water fascination had not ended.

Not captured on camera was the cute, old, Chinese couple, who live in our neighborhood, out on their evening walk who stopped and watched her and began laughing and joking with us (in Chinese; they speak very little English). I guess they haven't seen this much around here before.
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

Mommy and Daddy may be on a fancy trip to China but I took an exciting trip today... to the ZOO!
Here is Mr. Jumbo Elephant. He is really big! He likes to eat hay and drink water.

There were 5 giraffes at the zoo and one was even a new baby. Most of the animals like to lay around and take naps. But I got to see zebras and rhinos and penguins and monkeys and tigers and llamas and crocodiles (or alligators, I don't know the difference), OH MY!

I even took Grandma on a train ride. So that was pretty awesome for my first time at the Zoo. Maybe when you get back home, I'll take you there too. (posted by Aspen but Grandma did the typing.)
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In stock now...

but only in a select number of Costcos.

It is actually having what is called a "test run" and depending on how well it tests, it could show up in ALL the stores. The only store in Utah that is running the test is the one in St. George. My brother and his family were down in St. George last week so I asked them to stop by and see if the test had begun. Sure enough, there it was in all it's colorful glory. This is such a great deal!!! 96 sheets of double-sided cardstock for a mere $14.99! Of course, this pack will never get opened. I plan to save it "for posterity" and for bragging (like on this post!). Be sure to look for it at your Costco... if not on the test then hopefully when it becomes available in mass.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Arrrrr Matie!

Cory wasn't the only grandson to get a quilt from Grandma Kas for his birthday this past spring. Here is Collin's Captain Jack Sparrow quilt! It was so much fun to put these two quilts together at the same time. Cory's birthday was in April and Collin's was in May but because of our China trip, I was trying to put them together at the same time. Unfortunately, Collin's didn't get done before I went on my trip so he didn't get his until June. But I think he was OK with that... it was worth the wait.

I had found the pirate fabric last fall back in Virginia when we were on Paul's Blue Ridge Parkway bike trip. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it and do something for Collin. Then a few months later, Cam suggested that I make Collin a denim quilt and, ta da, I knew just the perfect combination.

As I was cutting out the blocks and laying them out, I actually had 2 extras rows on all sides but in the end, it was just way tooooooo big so I eliminated those rows and it turned out a much better size for a 5 year old. I hope he enjoys cuddling up in it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for him.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back to Beijing

Be sure to click on Heidi's blog on my side bar! She has posted such a fun slide show of beautiful Beijing and all their intense preparations for the Olympics that are inching closer and closer to 8-8-08. If there was ever a perfect time to live in Beijing, it would be during this historical event!

I'm so excited to be able to experience it vicariously through the Swapps! AND Katie & Clark who are headed there in just a few days. Having been there so recently myself, I just get flooded with wonderful memories of our visit and all the sights we were treated to!

I hope for the sake of all the athletes that every thing goes smooth and perfectly... the general Chinese population is so sweet and open and welcoming. They deserve a good experience for all that they have had to sacrifice to contribute to the success having their country in the world's spotlight!