Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 -- It Was A Very Good Year!

Happy (almost) NEW YEAR!!!
I have that classic Frank Sinatra song running through my head right now... "It Was A Very Good Year".

I just sat down and decided that since I do such a poor job of keeping my life journaled on a daily basis that I would at least attempt to write down the highlights of 2008. I surprised myself by compiling 12 pages of favorite memories from this year, month by month. Despite how bogged down I tend to get on a daily basis, after having looked back I have come to the conclusion that indeed it was a

So many of my favorite memories included what is shown in this photo: family and quilts!
(that is baby Bryson's new quilt called "Cute as a Bug!" made from the Creatures and Critters fabric line)

Instead of making lots of New Year's resolutions that tend to weigh me down and point out my shortcomings, I prefer to reminisce over what actually did get accomplished and what buoyed me up. It was so inspiring and gratifying to go over each month and see how many major events happened on a daily basis that are quickly overtaken by the next days and weeks of just normal life that really is special and important if I will just try to be more aware of them at the time.

Just to mention a few of my favorites: Trips: St. George, Cabo San Luca, Hawaii, Beijing CHINA!
Family: my dad's 90th birthday, birth of my 9th grandchild, lots and lots of Grandma times
Marriage: 38years of wedded bliss (only Eternity to go)
Professional: retirement!!!
Physical: hiked to new heights and saw stunning sights
Spiritual: new Prophet
Political: new President

I love turning new pages and looking forward to what lies ahead. I do try to plan and despite what I tell my kids, I do have a few goals but for the most part I just am excited to close the book on 2008 and open up the blank pages of 2009 and get ready for how this new year will begin to come together.

I hope all of you will be along with me for the adventure and embrace your own adventures!

Here's to 2009!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmastime visit

Aspen and Grandma were able to squeeze in a "sweet" visit to CandyLand at Aunt Karol Jean's this Christmas season.
Once a year this adoreable Pink witch shows up on KJ's front porch and brings along her gingerbread creations and lots of giant gumdrops and m & m's for everyone to enjoy.

Aspen got to take a stroll though the candy-strewn and snow-adorned paths.

Thanks, Aunt KJ --- what a treat!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can't wait for Christmas!

Today was Christmas in our family... at least we received our most anticipated Christmas gift!
Here is baby Bryson!
His actual due date was not until December 23rd but as you can see, that was just too long to wait!

Katie did great! She actually had a scheduled c-section this morning. After going through 36 hours of intense labor only to end up with a c-section her first go around with Aspen, she opted to be more pro-active this time! I love having my grandchildren born in the city that I live in. It makes it so much easier to be there and get to have that "moments after" introduction.

Here is the happy family! Aspen just thinks that she got her Christmas doll, Katie looks so happy to have Bryson "here" instead of "there" and Clark has already pitched in by giving Bryson his first bath. This brings our grandkids count up to 6 boys and 3 girls!

Here is a quick glimpse into the "visit to Santa" (trama) that took place at Aspen's day care before we went to visit Bryson. Apparently, she thinks Santa is a scary, old soul! There was no way she was getting anywhere near that big red-suited guy with all that white hair. She didn't care how big the candy cane was or how many other kids were lining up to sit on his lap. Maybe next year!
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Friday, December 5, 2008

Big slacker!

I know, I know, I've been a big slacker in the blogging world! So here is a clue as to where I am this week.
Here are some hints:
1. our favorite short, weekend, getaway location (a quick 4 hour drive)
2. usually lots warmer and sunnier than it is at home (not this weekend, we're freezing!)
3. Pizza factory and outlet shopping
4. this is the view off our 3rd floor condo balcony of the beautiful red rocks and Snow Canyon state park

I know my kids and extended family members know exactly where Paul & I are --

Saint George, Utah!

Every year during the first weekend of December, Paul signs up for some CPE (continuing professional education) at a seminar held here in St. George. Usually by now Salt Lake is cold and officially in winter mode so we like to escape down south where it is still fall. The trees here are still full with bright yellow and orange leaves and except for yesterday, it is sunny and bright and a somewhat warmer 57 degrees compared to Salt Lake's 40 something degrees. Paul brought his bike along in hopes of a couple of rides. He got one in on Weds afternoon when we arrived and he's hoping for another long ride on Saturday. The other two days are spent listening to IRS tax regualtions (booooorrrrring!).

Now I, on the other hand, am having a delightful couple of do-what-ever-I-want days! So far it has been mostly visiting all my favorite quilt stores, books stores and the Red Cliffs mall. Oh yeah, don't forget the HUGE TJ Maxx they have here too! Mostly my shopping consists of just browsing but there are some really good sale items I have come across that I wasn't able to just ignore. I even got our Christmas package mailed off to China from here yesterday. I hope it gets there before everyone heads off to Austrailia!

Well, it's noon already; so I better get off the computer and get out and about. I only have 5 more hours before I have to pick up Paul. So hard to decide where to go first...Target? Pier One? Christensen's?..............
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