Monday, April 30, 2007

Moon over Zion

This is from my most recent adventure . . . a few days rest and relaxation in beautiful southern Utah. Paul and I headed down to St George for our annual "chill out from taxes" get away on Wednesday. After sitting around either in the condo or at the pool for 3 days, we finally decided to head up towards Zion National Park. We ended up stopping in Springdale at our favorite little restaurant, The Bit and Spur, and as we enjoyed our gourmet dinner on the front porch this is the stunningly beautiful view from our table. It was only about 7:30 pm so it wasn't very dark yet but the moon was already showing up. What a lovely sight to behold!! As we drove through the even smaller town of Rockville, we noticed American flags lining both sides of the highway... we were trying to remember if there was a holiday that we had forgotten about (maybe everyone was celebrating the end of tax season). But we finally figured out that First Lady Laura Bush was coming to Zion National Park on Sunday to rededicate their new Nature Center.
Now I am back home again but as I looked up at the full moon last night, I could still see the moon over Zion!