Thursday, May 3, 2007

May means Mother's Day

I know that Mother's Day is coming up fast upon us but I am already enjoying a very special and unique Mother's Day gift from my very ambitious and creative daughter Heidi. She actually gave me this unbelievably darling treasure in March. Heidi isn't your ordinary gift-giver... no way. She has her own special methods of gift-giving: 1) she thinks about you on whatever occassion you should be remebered on but doesn't actually get around to the gift part until much later or 2) she buys, makes or comes up with the absolutely best thing ever but then never actually sends or gives it to you -- basically she can't part with it or 3) is so excited about whatever she has bought, made or come up with for you that she can't wait until the specified event to share her gift. My gift this year came from the #3 category and I am so thrilled with it that I want to share it with you in case you might like to take the idea and put one together for that special Mother in your life. It is a "perpetual scrapbook page"!!! How darling is that!!!??!! It is actually a scrapbook page on a metal magnet board she bought at IKEA. The background designs and words are modpodged on and then the photos of my darling grandkids are just held on by magnets so that I can change out the photos as I get updated new ones. Those cute buttons and beaded flowers and butterflies are the magnets! Those photos look lots better there than on my usual bulletin board -- the fridge. Enjoy... I certainly am!! (thanks Heidi ... I love it!!)


Marty: said...

Cute idea!

heidi said...

well mom, i have to say that i was laughing histerically when i read your post... you really have me 'pegged' lol... so were emily and janet! i guess you just never know with me! it does make me happy that you liked it... cause i love how it turned out! you are a lucky recipient... because if i had held on to it any longer, i may not have been able to give it up!

lainakay said...

linked over from heidi's site. what a talented daughter you have... but you know that!

such a great idea and so much cuter than the refrigerator. my mom would definitely enjoy something like that to display her 14 grandchildren's photos. unfortunately i'm the #1 type gift giver so... maybe next year?

congrats on your new blog, fun stuff... enjoy! :)

Vee said...

that is gorgeous!!
heidi is awesome but I know you know that;)
Happy early Mother's Day!

deb said...

What a wonderful idea! Happy Mother's Day Heidi's Mom. :)

SB said...

that is beautiful! I think I am going to scrap lift that for a FATHER's DAY gift!! Thanks for sharing that!

the queen said...

A very cool idea indeed. Please share some stories with us about what Heidi was like as a child. I bet she was talented even then.
Happy Mother's Day and glad you are getting to enjoy your beautiful gift.

ahardy said...

what a special family you have!

Crystal said...

Hi, Heidi's Mom! Thanks for sharing your gift - I think I might have to lift this one. Too funny with your descriptions of gift givers:))

Jodii said...

What a gorgeous present from a goregeous daughter. i will be keeping this idea in mind

caryb said...

Welcome to the world of bloging. You posted some wonderful things about your daughter. I know where she also gets her sense of humor from too!! Your daughter has inspired wonderful creativity in so many people around the world. Thank you for giving her wings to soar. What a ride it has been and the best is yet to come. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Sandy said...

I think it is a wonderful gift idea for Mother's Day. We are getting to know you as "Heidi's mom" should let us know your name ;) I take Heidi's y2r class. Happy Mother's Day!

chanel said...

hi there, its Chanel - heidi's friend from australia. it was nice chatting to you a couple of weeks back. I love your gift too ... its gorgeous - i will have to make one for my mum and take it to NZ next time we go.
have a fabulous weekend
luv chanel

Jolene George said...

What a great gift! Love your description of her gift giving habits.
You raised a wonderful daughter.

Marilyn said...

Hopped over from Heidi's blog to view yours sooo...Welcome to the world of blogging. I love it when other Grandmas begin blogs...we can show off our grandchildren to each other! :) Aren't daughters the greatest! I have 4 and they do wonderful things for me too. Your gift from Heidi was adorable and such a great idea!

grannynanny said...

Hi Gramakas-
I agree with Sandy - tell us your name, unless you want us to call you Grama. :-)

I have been a fan of Heidi's for quite a while and have thought that her mother must be QUITE a gal!

We share having blonde daughters named Heidi born in 1972. But my Heidi is 3 kids behind your Heidi. And she says it's staying that way.

Glad you started blogging!

PROLIX said...


Joyeux NSD Madam!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Kelley said...

WOW what an amazing gift. Your daughter is very talented and I love all her work and her products.
You must be proud.