Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's for dinner?

We just never know what we are going to come across!

A few weeks ago we were driving between Suva and Nadi and we passed this building along the side of the road that we have noticed for months but this time we decided to stop and check it out. It is called "The Prawn Shop". We love to eat prawns though we haven't had them very often so we decided we'd splurge... we bought this frozen tray of about 30 prawns.

First I thawed them in a bowl of water. They were huge! and came fully decked out, including their eyeballs! It was actually quite a bit of work dismantling all those long, prickly parts along with their skulls. There wasn't much left by the time I finished. Of course, they looked just like the scaled shrimp we're used to buying at home. So we moved forward and soon we were enjoying our delicious dinner....


Good thing we didn't discover this any sooner because we would want to have it for dinner every other night no matter how much effort it would take. Coconut Shrimp has always been a favorite dish to us!
Still is!!!

Now we weren't the only ones coming up with food for dinner along the highway that afternoon.
This group of men were very involved in their culinary efforts of preparing for...

a whole pork feast!

We could see this group of men all gathered together next to the highway and we wondered what they were doing. So as we got closer, we were amazed to see this poor pig hanging from the tree. We actually stopped and turned around and drove back so we could see up closer what was taking place. When they saw us pull out our camera, they burst into cheers and whistles and were happy to give us a great shot!
Before we drove away we made sure we asked what time dinner was!

(we didn't join them for dinner but we'd have been more than welcome!)

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Barbara said...

Was this your recipe? I want it!